Regency Dance Weekend Part II: Archery And Outdoor Lounging

Not very long ago, I shared the first section of Regency Dance Weekend photos: Settling In–about dance classes, an 1807 house, and an informal dance. Now it’s time for Part II: relating to archery (yay!) and outdoor lounging. These outdoor events took place on Sunday afternoon at Pioneer Village in Salem, MA. The village had been opened specifically for our use, so we had our run of the place!

Archery was the major activity and took up most of the time allotted before preparing for the Grand Ball and Reception that evening. Given that it was a Regency period event, there were plans made (and executed) to use images of Napoleon as targets, which was super silly and fun. I think there were perhaps 30-40 people who took part in this daytime event.

Our instructor teaching us basics and safety.
I think most people were pretty successful at hitting the target at least sometimes.
There he is! Napoleon is lurking on the left.
Archery in a bonnet is an extra challenge, but we made it work.
Recognize that dress and bonnet? And perhaps the spencer? This is your first glimpse of my new clothes!
We got him, and the tubes he was hiding behind!
There were replacement Napoleons for when the first few had been well hit.

It was pretty cold out, actually, especially when we weren’t distracted by archery! Nevertheless, we prevailed for hours and were still willing to stay outside and lounge for more pictures even after archery was complete.

New clothes amongst the trees.
Striking a pose on the footbridge.
Climbing a fence. Perhaps while out on a stroll? I feel like this is something the more athletic Jane Austen characters do.
New long sleeved day dress and a new bonnet. You know how it is when someone is wearing something new. It always requires pictures!
I was very pleased with how my new dress and bonnet look and feel, and I’m so pleased that they coordinate so well with the spencer. Yay!
Spencer time. It’s so neat that we’ve built up our wardrobes and are well equipped with dresses and spencers! Bonnets are on most sewing lists, too, which is so much fun!

Next up is a post specifically dedicated to my new tree gown!

6 thoughts on “Regency Dance Weekend Part II: Archery And Outdoor Lounging

  1. Aw, those dresses are adorable! I have a longbow, but I’ve never tried it while in a dress of any sort. Now I want to. 🙂 Where did you get your dress pattern?


  2. You all look amazing! I love the trim on that spencer! You look like Elizabeth Bennet going on that walk! I think she even had a brown spencer too. The archery looks so fun and I love the Napoleon targets!

  3. You all look so fantastic! And your block-print gown is stunning–it really stands out and looks so authentic. Archery looks like it was a blast!

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