Dancing “The Cottage Bonnet”

In my second post about the recent Pride and Prejudice ball I attended, I mentioned that the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers did a small exhibition during the course of the evening, I even included pictures. Well, this is even better! A video of us dancing “The Cottage Bonnet,” a Regency period country dance, during the ball. This is the level of difficulty that’s being aimed for at the Regency Intensive Dance Weekend in April. Hopefully we can have an entire room full of people successfully dancing like this at the second, more formal ball of that weekend event! I hope you enjoy. It’s pretty fun!

9 thoughts on “Dancing “The Cottage Bonnet”

  1. Love it! You look like you are all having so much fun! And your dress is probably my favorate so far. Thanks for the vid. Elizabeth

  2. Ditto on “Love it!”
    I love that you’ve included the video. I’m adding this to my list of “what Dan must watch” before our event.

    1. Lots of practice! And Regency country dances take the same figures and rearrange them to create a new dance, so once you’ve learned the figures you just have to get your brain to remember the pattern, and you’re good to go. In this case, we learned the figures and then practiced until our minds could remember the pattern! 🙂 It’s not so overwhelming when it’s broken down like that.

  3. That looks like fun! I’ve seen still photos of dances but this is the first video. Thank you for posting it!

  4. As a non-dancer I’m deeply impressed by this video…thank you so much for sharing…now I wish I could dance and be more “regencyly accomplished” 🙂

    1. Love that phrase! I hope that some day you’ll have the opportunity to dance, Sabine, it’s really fun! It adds a whole new element to wearing historic clothing. “Regencyly accomplished” is a great phrase! Love it!

  5. Lovely! I’m glad to know that the Regency weekend is going to be geared towards advanced folks because that sort of helps me know I should skip that, since I am far from advanced, ha ha ha! Too bad nobody has, like, a weekly dance class or something, starting with steps for beginners. I know CVD does a “workshop” the day of a ball, but I definitely don’t retain what I learn when I only do it once a year, LOL! Thanks for sharing the video; I really enjoyed it!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the video! But oh no! I didn’t mean to discourage you from attending the weekend! The whole idea is to start at the beginning with simple things and work up to having the skills to do the more complicated figures. I didn’t mean to give the impression that the whole weekend is aimed at advanced dancers. Oops if I did! I really am glad you enjoyed the video, though! 🙂

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