9 Month Sewing Plan

As I shared in my last post about my recent stash additions, I have a 9 month sewing plan to keep me going on historical sewing through May of 2013. Now that it is November it’s really a 7 month plan, but regardless, in my head I keep calling it the 9 month plan. Here it is, with my progress noted on it:

By December 2012:

  1. 1823 hand sewn corded and bodiced petticoat (95% done)
  2. 1823 ball gown with hand sewn appliqués (40% done)
  3. 1823 walking dress (50% done)
  4. 1823 bonnet to match walking dress
  5. 1823 muff (50% done)
  6. 1810s or 20s chemisette (patterned)

By January 2013:

  1. 1780s petticoat with ruffle
  2. 1780s jacket
  3. 18th century basic pockets
  4. 18th century yellow shoes

By February 2013:

  1. 1812 evening dress (75% done)

By March 2013:

  1. 1860 ball gown

By April 2013:

  1. 1812 underdress for existing 1812 gown (75% done)
  2. 1812 bonnet to match underdress
  3. 1812 reticule
  4. 1814 pelisse (cut out)
  5. 1814 turban/hat to match pelisse (cut out)
  6. 1815-1818 day dress
  7. 1815-1818 bonnet

By May 2013:

  1. 1920s beaded evening dress

Other projects that will probably also get started but don’t have a deadline:

  1. 18th century hand quilted petticoat
  2. 18th century cloak
  3. a new ballroom competition dress (started)

As I go along, I’ll start posting more specific information about the projects. Right now I’m really focusing on my 1823 projects, so I can get ready for events in December. (December is surprisingly close! Eep!) The 1823 things are going to be super pretty and exciting, and posts about them are going to come soon!

6 thoughts on “9 Month Sewing Plan

  1. Now that’s a plan 🙂
    I’m so looking forward to learn more about your 1823 dress(es)! I really love all the details on the early 1820s dresses – it’s such fun with all the piping, appliques, fluff and frill!!!
    Hope you very much enjoy your projects 🙂

  2. Wow, very ambitious! You seem quite prolific, though, so I’m sure you can get it all done. I know you’re in Massachusetts, but have you heard that the JASNA Connecticut region is holding a Jane Austen Summer Camp next July? http://jasnactsummercamp.wordpress.com/
    I’m working on building up my Regency wardrobe for it!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

      I hadn’t heard of JASNA or the summer camp until I read your post. Thanks for sharing the information! It certainly sounds like a lot of Jane Austen! Best of luck in creating your wardrobe. Is this your first foray into Regency?

      If you’re in the area, have you ever considered coming to one of the Commonwealth Vintage Dance events? There are balls and weekends as well as classes throughout the year.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Quinn, I live in Southwestern Connecticut, so not too far away. I’ve visited the Commonwealth Vintage Dance society’s webpage and may some day attend one of the events or classes. I’ve made some Regency costume items in the past, but now I’m really focusing on a complete (or as near as I can make it) wardrobe for the summer camp because I intend to spend the entire weekend in costume. I’ve got my list made and am slowly but surely ticking off items. I love other costume periods, too, including 19-teens, and made several Renaissance faire ensembles for myself and friends (far from historical), and even made a few more historical costumes for my university’s madrigal choir in the past, but Regency is currently my focus.
    Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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