Newport Vintage Dance Week Part V: Ochre Court Continued

So ends the first ever Speed Virginia Reel.

Last post, I left you just at the completion of our young set’s Speed Virginia Reel. This post is going to be a continuation of Ochre Court pictures, because there were too many I wanted to share for just one post. At the end of the ball we decided to get some young people pictures on the fabulous red carpeted stair case in the entry way, so that is where we begin Ochre Court pictures: part II.

Congregating on the stairs. If you look closely, you can see the flower clump casualty on my dress.
Such a lovely group of young people.
Of course, we’re all very tired after our exertions…
But that doesn’t stop us from taking animal pictures!
Which made us laugh pretty hard.
Bill Cunningham caught us taking photos on the stairs and was very excited. BUT… We caught Bill Cunningham taking pictures of us on the stairs!
Halfway up the stairs, pretending to jump!
A close up…
Another view. It was particularly amusing to us because we were tired and the floor below the stairs is marble, so obviously one would not actually want to jump over the railing…
Okay, now we’re trying to be serious and look like we’re having casual conversations.
And now we’re being elegant. Look! Bill Cunningham!
Descending the stairs with camera flashes going off as though I was a celebrity!
But I’m not… I’m just me, missing a flower clump… backed by young men in tails…
Momentary relaxation between photos…
This was the skirt puddle pose which followed the traditional jellyfish dance… (aka all of us jumping up and down in a clump and moving through the rooms before suddenly plopping and letting our skirts billow around us).
While being a jellyfish I lost a second clump of flowers! I didn’t think I had sewn them on so loosely!
So sad. You know it’s a good ball when your dress suffers injuries not once, but twice!
Oh my! Tartan drawers to match the tartan dress!
I was so happy to just BE in Ochre Court. Do you get that feeling from this picture? I’m just soaking it all in.
Exuberant might be a better word for me.
“I love Ochre Court THIS much!”
Posing by the fireplace in the white room. Isn’t it lovely?
Don’t we look fabulous???
The necessary bum picture, particularly amusing when wearing hoops.
One last glimpse of the back lawn before we pack up to leave.
I LOVE Ochre Court. I just wanted to drink it in as much as I possibly could.

That was a long one! But you made it! Thanks for sticking with me through all those photos. I sincerely hope that you were able to get a feeling of excitement and unrestrained happiness from the pictures that matched even half of my feelings from that night. It was truly spectacular. Thanks to all my lovely friends for assisting me in having such a marvelous time.

Final tally: 66 pictures from this event between two posts out of 1047 possible Ochre Court pictures… Honestly, I don’t think I did too terribly narrowing them down, considering the possibilities!

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