Newport Vintage Dance Week Part III: Formal Tea on the Lawn at RWU

As I was in a bit of a hurry when I posted pictures of the Seaside Dance at Easton’s Beach, I failed to include some interesting information that I am going to include here, now! Other ladies in the fabulous young set at Newport maintain their own blogs and have also posted pictures of the Newport events with their own unique commentary. If you’re vicariously enjoying the fun of the week, I encourage you to check out their posts and extend your fun! #1: Antonia’s Experiments in EleganceSpeed Virginia Reel at Ochre Court,” for example; #2: Raven’s Plaid Petticoats “Project Newport,” for example; or #3: Barbara’s Recreating the Nineteenth Century BallroomThe White Ball at Rosecliff,” for example.

On this blog right now, however, we are going to continue the marathon of awesome-ness that was Newport and reminiscence about the Formal Tea on the Lawn at Roger Williams University. This event, being an afternoon event, did not have a specific time period, so you’ll see a variety of clothing styles. Here we go!

On our way to the official lawn for the tea, we stopped to take pictures here by the boats.
Here I am: 1903. The blouse was made last year and the skirt earlier this summer (though I haven’t posted about that yet…). The bolero and hat were additions to complete the look.
A side view. You can really see the silhouette.
It’s like Where’s Waldo. Can you spot one of our faithful photographers caught on camera? He blends in with the boats.
Another beautiful distraction before we even made it to tea.
I wish there weren’t modern buildings behind the pond… but there were fish in pond!
Looking picturesque. Again with the modern buildings…
Close up. Such a lovely line with the skirt and all! And the buildings are much less obvious.
Finally we stopped getting distracted and made it to the tea, where we saw this lovely group of people playing croquet!
This is only the beginning of the croquet poses…
So we didn’t actually play croquet… we just borrowed the mallets for our photos!
Throw them over your shoulder?
Hard to see that they are different lengths in the last photo, but not in this one!
The long one was great for striking a pose that didn’t involve bending over.
I rather like this pose.
I’ve whittled it down to just this one close up hat picture…
We got our young ladies together to take pictures in a line. We do love back side photos!
Swirling skirts and stunning backgrounds. What more could we ask for?
Silly moment! We like to try and walk toward the camera slowly, which always means walking like we’re either zombies or underwater, depending on your inclination.
Awww. Aren’t they lovely together? Look at those trains!
The neat looking knot-thing to finish off this particular sash–finishing off sashes in neat ways this was a theme of the week for me!
Sitting with one of the little girls for a photo. We had to bribe her with lemonade… shhh!
It’s possible that we were also distracted by cattails on our way out…
I really wanted to reach them, but they were just out of reach.
So lovely!
We had to return to reality–the modern world. But did we walk on the sidewalk? NO! Up the middle of the road is the only way.
More silly! Lifting the skirts and walking is always essential for sillyness. We are on our way to get ready for the evening 1860s ball at Ochre Court!

Final tally for this event: 27 pictures out of 298 total. Whew!

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