Fun in the Sun Part II (Regency Picnic 2012)

As you might recall from my last post, I have more Regency picnic game pictures to share with you! I’m excited! I hope you are as well… We left off with the four of us playing “Graces” and coming up with innovative methods of playing to keep us amused and challenged… let’s just see where that led us! I had a hard time condensing the photos… I hope you’re not overwhelmed!

Lost my bonnet, but I caught a hoop on each arm! Success!
Yes! Bonnet still on head and two hoops! Wow!
Double hoop-age and a silly looking action shot! What could be better?
Reach! Somehow, I think this is much more graceful looking than the last photo…

Okay… now we get silly!

Wand attack pose. Not very Regency-like, but amusing, nonetheless!
Strike a pose! Conduct an orchestra! ???

Attempts at being graceful and Regency-like…

Very graceful hoop catching.
Waiting to catch the hoops.
Gracefully catching the flung hoop.
Another graceful pose. Okay, okay, so I wore my sunglasses for much of the picnic. Shhh!


Graceful, certainly, but I don’t think I caught the hoops that time…
This certainly looks like one time when the hoops are going to hit the ground…
(More sunglasses… didn’t they have those?)I think I’m confused about why the second hoop is on the ground by my right foot…

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