Astorias In Action

As I recently mentioned, my American Duchess Astorias have gained a coat of paint and are now ivory. The buttons have also been moved and now it is time to officially show you how fun they are with feet in them! (By the way, I did include a picture where you could see them on my new portfolio page, which was unveiled before this post… it was a spoiler, though I don’t think it was very noticeable!)

Here’s the spoiler picture.
They’re a little buried in the grass, but here they are!
A close up!

 Super fun! Now I have outdoor shoes to wear with Edwardian clothes!

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2 thoughts on “Astorias In Action

  1. Beautiful! Can I ask how you moved the buttons? I just ordered a pair of astorias myself, and am having the same problem with loose straps.

    1. 😦 I’m sorry to hear your Astorias also have long straps!

      Here’s how I moved my buttons:
      I snipped the elastic holding the buttons close to the leather on just one side (I wound up only moving 4 of the 8 total buttons). Then I moved the buttons about 3/4″ away from the original location–the important part is that I kept the new location in line with the direction of the strap! The original location is visible, but gets covered by the strap while the shoes are in use. Then I just used doubled thread to stitch the buttons in their new location. I didn’t actually stitch through the exterior of the Astorias and the inner layer. Each stitch through the exterior layer came out through the hole where the original elastic was, so that I didn’t need to sew through two layers of leather and so that I was making as few holes as possible (needle holes in leather are pretty permanent, so be sure you’re putting your buttons in the right place!).

      Hopefully that’s helpful! Let me know if you have more questions/maybe I’ll do a quick post with pictures, since that would probably be helpful in terms of explanation. Good luck with your button moving!

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