Contemplation, or Standing In The Sunlight

This photo was taken the day of the filming of the documentary that I spoke of in my last post. The first photo is the original photo as it came out of the camera. The second photo is a version that I altered (thinking, “The photo is so dark. I need to lighten it up a bit to see the details!). However, now that I’ve seen both images, I’m torn! I think both are wonderful! Each is striking in a different way. I’m curious to know what you think? Version 1 or Version 2? Why that choice?

Version 1 (original)
Version 2 (brightened to show detail)

10 thoughts on “Contemplation, or Standing In The Sunlight

  1. Version 1. Yes, the details are clearer in the lightened version, but the natural light in the 1st picture is more evocative of the period. ( Let’s just skip over the fact that color photography wasn’t invented yet.) The contrast between light and dark harks back to Renaissance Old Masters use of strong light coming from one source, leaving much of the background in darkness. Thus, the subject (you) is highlighted.

      1. No worries! I just edited it out. 🙂 So anyone else who reads the comments will just be confused. Thanks for your thoughts about the pictures! I hadn’t even considered the idea of the picture actually looking historically accurate. I was just thinking about what appealed to my eyes in a modern sense. Thanks for making me think about them in a new way!

  2. I actually prefer the second photograph. It reminds me of a colorized version of a Daguerrotype, which often features faces highlighted. Your face in highlight pulls the reader in towards what you might be thinking about.

    You might consider taking the darkened background and placing it behind the highlighted areas, so that you your face and dress washed in a swash of light from the window, while the walls and furniture remain in the gloaming.

    Very best,

    1. You know, I think I was actually contemplating either the reproduction wallpaper or the molding along the top of the wall. 🙂 You have a great point about the light on my face. I’ll have to try your suggestion to create a Version 3! Thanks for your insight.

  3. Wow, I’m torn too. They are both stunning. I love how the first one has more contrast and therefore more emotion, but I love the beautiful wallpaper and more whimsical mood of the second!

  4. Very recently there was an interesting report about lighting/candlelight on tv. They’ve talked about the beautiful chandliers in ballrooms and the fact that candles are always positioned next to the huge mirrows, the human eye is able to catch this “minimum” light and feels comfortable, but illuminance meters notified merely darkness. I guess the second photo reflects the real conditions of the light during the photo shoot, whereas the first shows what the lux meter of the camera sees…both pictures are lovely 🙂

    1. Yes, that is a great point! The rooms were not actually in darkness, as the first picture might lead one to believe. Thanks for bringing in another thoughtful point of view!

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