Summary of 2011: Looking forward to 2012

I have seen so many other recaps of 2011 projects and plans for 2012 that I feel compelled to make my lists as well. It is amazing how much a person can create and then manage to remember it as such a small accomplishment, until taking the time to step back and really look at the work that was completed. And that is why I am going to take the time, now, to look at what I completed in 2011 and list what I plan to build in 2012.

Completed in 2011:

In May: 1883 chemise, corset, bustle, petticoat, and corset cover
In May: 1883 tailored skirt and jacket with matching hat
In May: 1903 combinations, corset, bum pad, petticoat, and corset cover
In May: 1903 tailored skirt, blouse, and jacket with matching hat
In May: 1913 chemise, corset, underskirt, and corset (oh no! painted toes aren’t correct!)
In May: 1913 tailored skirt, blouse, and jacket with matching hat
In September: 1780 shift and stays
In September: 1780 bum pad, petticoat, and open gown with matching hat
In October: 1860 gown and hair wreath (as well as chemise and drawers)
In November: 1860 hair crescent (here is the picture I promised you, courtesy of a friend)
In November: 1819 corset
In December: 1819 spencer, bonnet, and muff
  • Not pictured: 1860 wool cape (completed in November)

Plans for 2012:

Before April: 1912 beaded afternoon gown and matching hat (far right)
Before April: 1912 evening gown (From the Met (although I can’t find the link in the collections right now… sigh))
Before August: 1900 organdy blouse, cotton skirt, and boater
Before August: 1894 ball gown (using many of the details on the gown in the middle)

As well as the following items:

  • In January: 1780 pockets
  • Before March: quilt 1819 corset
  • Before April, possibly: 1912 day dress and matching hat
  • Before June: 1860 child’s corset
  • Before August: 1903 cotton skirt and matching hat
  • Before December, possibly: 1830s or 1840s ball gown

And so, I pat myself on the back for a year well spent. Congratulations to you, also, for what you accomplished in 2011, clothing related or otherwise! Finally, blessings for all of us, for what we will accomplish in 2012.

4 thoughts on “Summary of 2011: Looking forward to 2012

  1. Amazing, beautiful, and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your work and plans with us. You’ve inspired my own creativity for 2012 and beyond…

  2. Quinn, your body of work for 2011 is stunning. Thank for taking a look backwards as well as forward. Wishing you well as you lean into your wonderful project portfolio this year.

    ~ gb

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