1860 “hair crescent”

My new "hair crescent"

I was recently able to purchase a fantastic stash of millinery flowers for a great price (they were basically being given away) and it is some of these flowers that will become a new hair decoaration to match Belle, my blue 1860s ball gown. I hesitate to call this piece of decoration a wreath, because I do not plan for it to encircle my head entirely; however, “hair decoration” and “hair ornamentation” are cumbersome, while “hair piece” sounds like it should be made of hair, which it is not…

A single spray of the millinery flowers in the “hair crescent”

There are two sprays of flowers that are sewn together and softly bent into a crescent shape. (Millinery flowers are so much easier to work with than stiff, plastic flowers from the craft store!) Maybe I should call this a hair crescent? I think that is the best name I have come up with so far…

The “hair crescent” with the comb showing

The finishing touch is a comb that is sewn to the back, to help hold it in my hair while I am dancing (I plan to use bobby pins to attach the points of the crescent to my head). Here’s a picture of the finished crescent. I plan to wear it to a ball in December and I’ll make sure to get pictures of it in place.


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