Ochre Court 1860s Ball 2011 (Newport Vintage Dance Week)

Quinn, taking a short break from dancing at Ochre Court

Well, I am exceptionally delayed in posting about this event (it was in August), but I was inspired today to remember how fabulous this was and to reminisce… So here we are! I was able to wear Annabelle, my latest 1860s dress to this event. You can read more about this dress by clicking on this link. I have to say, I did receive one comment that I looked “like Scarlett O’Hara.” Whee! That is really a dream come true for me… you know she does wear a white flounced gown in the movie… I intentionally did not make a gown just like hers (for one thing, mine does not have red trim).

The mid-18th century ball at Ochre Court was just one event hosted by the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers during Newport Vintage Dance Week 2011 in Newport, Rhode Island. And yes, that is the Newport of fabulous historic mansions! (Newport Vintage Dance week was included in the New York Times’ Evening Hours by Bill Cunningham on August 21, 2011. Click on this link to see Mr. Cunningham’s wonderful pictures of various Newport Vintage Dance Week events!)

Aside from repeating (many, many, many times) how absolutely fabulous this event was, I don’t have a whole lot of commentary. Thus, my commentary will be confined to captions, so that way I can include a lot of pictures! Yay! I hope that you are able to look at these and be transported to this historic mansion full of hoop-skirted ladies, distinguished gentlemen, and elegant music.

This photo comes courtesy of my friend, Carly. This is the main ballroom at Ochre Court.
Front stairs at Ochre Court.
Ascending the red carpeted stairs to the upper levels.
Ochre Court main ballroom upper levels and ceiling... Beautiful!!!
Looking down on the main ballroom at Ochre Court.
Oh look! There I am, watching the dancers below!
Look! There's someone taking pictures! (Look at the fabulous detail around me!)
Ah, now you can really appreciate the intricate detail!
Time to descend the stairs and dance!
And here are Terri and Carly, also descending the stairs!
Dancers at Ochre Court.
More dancers at Ochre Court.
Dancers in the dining room at Ochre Court.
Strike a pose by one of the enormous fireplaces!
Carly in front of the fireplace.
Taking a breather in the library at Ochre Court.
Would you care to dance? Ochre Court main ballroom.
One more scene at Ochre Court.
Saying good bye to Ochre Court at the end of a fairytale night.

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