Fabric Stash Addition: Silk Plaid

Well, I went to the fabric store today looking for fabrics to cover some gifted pillow forms to grace our newly redecorated rooms (they’re still not quite done after two weeks of work, but hopefully soon they’ll be done and I’ll have pictures!). I found some truly horrendous fabrics like the one below… (don’t worry! I didn’t buy it. I can only imagine this being in a farmhouse kitchen and even then I wonder about all the mixed motifs…)


Roosters, and damask motifs, and sunflowers, and gingham, and words…

I did find a few pillow possibilities that I liked, but they all had oatmeal/neutral backgrounds that would not look good in our space, so I didn’t purchase any of those. (I’ve got more places to check out, so I’m not concerned on that front, yet.)

And I did look through the silks, as I always do. Danger!!!! I found lovely plaid smooth silk taffeta (no slubs, hooray!) and it just wanted to come home with me to be made into an 1850s/60s evening gown. I finished off the bolt, which was just under 7 yards. Hopefully enough to make a skirt, possibly both day and evening bodices, and also maybe self trim. Someday (maybe next year?).

A very kind and enabling friend who happened to be with me helped convince me that the silk was a good idea. So in the grand tradition of all my 1850s/60s gowns which have names, when I get around to building the new plaid one I affectionally plan to name the new gown “Johanna” after her. It’s actually a bit more subdued in person. More of a “bruise palette” collection of colors than my usual jewel tones, but “bruise palette” is Johanna’s go to for color choices, so that is perfect. And it’s patterned, which is in keeping with my need to add more patterns to my wardrobe. I think I’ll play up the purple in this rather than the green, since I already have a green 1860s ball gown.


Fabric! (Because obviously I don’t have enough of it in my stash or enough to accomplish in my life right now…)


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9 Responses to Fabric Stash Addition: Silk Plaid

  1. Sabine says:

    Ohhhh, what a yummy silk!!!

  2. It’s always dangerous for me to look at the silks, too. 😉 Can’t wait to see your finished dress, that silk is divine!

  3. Raven says:

    Love it! And it’s not the Sewfisticated silk plaid I’ve had my eye on for 1820s… 🙂

  4. avantgarbe says:

    Swoooon 🙂 Alas you have to buy the fabric when you find it, and not when you actually need it. (At least that’s what I tell myself – but how often do I find black silk taffeta on sale for $5 a yard? No clue what it will be used for yet…)

    • Yes, very often it is best to purchase fabrics when you find them, especially when the prices are good! Sometimes it’s very hard and time consuming to find fabrics when you need them.

  5. Can never have to much fabric. Well, yes you can (as I try and figure out where to put all my crap) but a deal is a deal….

  6. I have a 1860’s Ball gown related question that I would like to ask you. Is there any way I could get in contact with you?

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