1920s Lawn Party

I had the opportunity to attend a 1920s Lawn Party at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA, the day right after I participated in the George’s Island Vintage Dance Performance. Luckily, the weather wasn’t so hot. In fact, when we first arrived we were thinking sweaters would have been nice, given the sea breeze, but that thought didn’t last for long as the day heated up.

The lawn party was hosted by Boston Swing Central and included live music by the Baby Soda Jazz Band. The music was lovely and the venue was lovely, as you’ll soon see, but I have to say that I wished for more 20s dancing and less swing… of course, that’s because I’m biased towards older styles of dancing, but I did feel that the event had a vague “I’m not sure what decade I’m in” feel to it rather than strictly as 20s as I had hoped. Ah well, we made our own fun 20s atmosphere.

I wore my 1926 cotton not-quite sailor dress and American Duchess Gibsons, and it was nice to see friends with new 1920s day dresses! I think I had the most fun just walking around the lovely estate and taking pictures, so that’s what most of these pictures are.

Practicing our 20s poses with the Crane Estate behind us.
The view from the house looking out towards the ocean. Those lovely rolling hills don’t look that big, but I promise you they are!
Did you happen to notice the statues along the edges of the grass?
Well you know silly-ness often happens when I’m around…
So we each took turns imitating the statues.
When you’ve walked all the way to end of the hills, this is the view that greets you.
Looking back at the house from the farthest point with the grounds full of people.
Looking over the Italian garden tucked away from the main house.
While in the garden we took the opportunity for fun photos: telling secrets…
Lounging on the rails…
Posing with sporting equipment…
Admiring the flowers…
And playing with accessories and wrought iron gates!
There were vendors of vintage items, which were fun to look through. I especially like this dress!
And we met some well dressed new people!
We also took part in the dancing, especially when there was a song to which we could dance a Charleston!
By the end of the day I was feeling pretty tired along with everyone else I was with. We took the opportunity to explore the side of the house that had parking space rather than dancing action, which was quiet and relaxing. This side of the house looks out over marshes.

Not long after that the event was over and it was time to return home, feeling like I needed a weekend to unwind from my weekend!

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2 thoughts on “1920s Lawn Party

  1. Somehow I always think 1920s is perfect for a summer lawn party – you all look so comfy and stylish! And WOW those are some gorgeous grounds! That view up and down the lawn…be still my heart! 🙂

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