Possibly The Worst 1850s Dress Ever


1859. The Museum at FIT.

It looks like a furry animal (goat, sheep, elk???) got entangled with a fringe machine. All those shades of brown are awful together! And it must be very heavy. I wouldn’t be caught near this. Need I say more? What do you think?


25 responses to “Possibly The Worst 1850s Dress Ever

  1. I like textures so I find his dress very interesting. Exquisite detailing.

  2. Helen Fratena

    Children, let’s all say “Eewwww.” Just like today, not all our ancestors’ had good fashion sense.

  3. Looks like a bunch of bathroom rugs were used for trim

  4. Hehe..:p -It looks strange; I think of Scarlet in “Gone with the wind” when she had made a dress out of curtains, as the materials was hard to get in times of war…

    • Hm, yes, I suppose that if you were really hard pressed for materials maybe you would use anything you have. But perhaps then the dress wouldn’t need all the embellishment?

  5. It looks like Scarlet O’Hara turned a yurt into a dress.

  6. My gramma had a couch that looked almost exactly like this. I didn’t like it, either.

  7. It looks like she was attacked by ugly 70s curtains and a bathroom rug. I saw a woman at the grocery store last week who was wearing what looked like a high pile fuzzy rag rug. Bad taste is timeless ;-b

  8. I guess it’d be warm, that’s one point in it’s favour

  9. Yes, I agree what an ‘ugly’ garment, yet it would be fun to re-create it 😉

  10. I was about to say it looks like my bathroom rugs attacked it, but someone beat me to it. Yikes!

  11. Perhaps the dowels were too heavy. I wonfer if bamboo would be lighter. Looks like you all had fun!

  12. Looks frontierish to me… a bit of Dan’l Boone, a bit of Native American dress, a bit of buffalo… prairie dog, too… & a very, very prairie palette. ~ Mom

  13. I think this is the kind of thing Louisa May Alcott wrote about with horror….

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