Summary of 2012: Looking Forward to 2013

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yes, the end of 2012 is here (and as I suspected, we successfully avoided world’s end…). When I look back on last year, 2011, and this year, 2012, I immediately think “WOW! I make a lot of things!”

First, let’s look at what I made in 2012:

The re-made 1819 dress, with ruffles!
In February: re-made 1819 dress
In April: 1912 tea gown and mushroom hat
In April: 1912 evening gown
In June: ivory painted Astorias
In July: 1895 blouse (and skirt)
In August: 1812 square neck gown (hand sewn)
In August: 1893 ball gown
In August: 1900 skirt and hat
In August: 1903 skirt, bolero, and hat
In August: 1928 evening gown
In September: 1812 underdress, chemise, and stays
In September: re-made 1780s robe a la anglaise
In December: 1820s petticoat (hand sewn)
In December: 1822 walking dress, muff, and tippet
In December: 1824 ball gown

And this list doesn’t even include things I was paid to do! Thus, work (full time), and side jobs (a few weeks a year), and commissions (I think I did just two this year…) are extra icing on the cake in terms of things I completed.

Onward! Plans for 2013:

The beginning of these plans were outlined in my 9 month sewing plan post

Probably in January: 1780s petticoat with ruffle
Probably in January: 18th century (I think could be worn for 1780s) jacket
Probably in January: 18th century basic pockets
Probably in January: painted Kensingtons… yellow or pink, my inner debate is coming soon!
In February: 1812 ball gown (this silhouette and trim feel, but with different trim and a different neckline)
In March: 1864 ball gown (like the one on the left)
In April: under dress for 1812 square neck curtain gown (not just like this, but it will be blue and hopefully have a similar feel)
In April: a Regency reticule (perhaps not like this one, but regardless, this one is so cute!)
In April: 1814 pelisse and hat
In April: 1815-1818 dress
Volare Digital Capture
Possibly in April: 1815-1818 bonnet to go with the new dress (these are pretty much all super cute…)

Plus, leftovers from 2012:

  • Finish the 1820s petticoat
  • Finish the 1820s bonnet
  • Finish trimming the 1822 walking dress
  • Finish trimming the 1824 ball gown
  • Make a 1800-1820 chemisette

Then there is a category of things with amorphous “to be finished” dates:

Sometime: 18th century quilted petticoat (perhaps not this exact pattern, but I am drawn to it…)
  • 18th century wool cloak
  • new ballroom competition dress

I think that in April I’ll probably be playing the “AH! Catch up on all the stuff I set out to do but didn’t actually finish!” game. Beyond that my project list is anyone’s guess. I’ve got plenty of ideas floating around (of course!), including 1790s, 1800s, 1860s day wear, 1870s, 1880s, 1900s… Right now I’ve got lots of wool things on the brain because it’s winter time, but I’m not sure that I want to work on wool things in the summer, so we’ll see what happens.

If I look at last year’s “to do” list I can say that I accomplished a hefty portion of my list. The other portion got dropped along the way: either discarded entirely or put in the unfinished pile. The dropped half include:

  • 1900 blouse (half finished before August, then put in the UFO pile)
  • 1780s embroidered pockets (dropped for now)
  • Quilting 1820s/30s corset (dropped)
  • 1860s child’s corset (dropped)

I did have a “blog first” award last year! In fact, I was actually awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by a few different people in the last few months of the year. Thanks everyone!


Overall, I have pictures from 29 different historically clothed events in the year 2012 (that’s about 2.5 events per month)! Jeepers! Granted, some of these are intense weekends or weeks, like Dress U, Newport Vintage Dance Week, and the Guerriere Weekend, where lots of events are bunched into a short period of time.. but still! The events fit into these basic categories: 9 balls, 8 vintage dance performances, 3 picnics, and 9 other events (like teas and strolls). Whee! All of these things were SO MUCH FUN! I love, love, love this part of life!

And finally, this year finishes up just over 2 years on the blog! I’ve met a lot of wonderful and inspiring people along the way. In fact, this year I have made a significant number of new friends! So thank you, lovely friends, who in person and online share in my experiences and contribute to the fun and adventures!

Here’s to us, and another fabulous, fun-filled year!
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2 thoughts on “Summary of 2012: Looking Forward to 2013

  1. Greetings, Lady Burgess!
    I just have to say; I share this passion so mutch:)!
    My name is Solveig E. Hopland, from Norway. I work as a classic painter, and also like to create and sew dresses. My work is not at all on this level of historical correctness (you can see them on my page if you want, )
    One of my favorite periods in history is the 1860 in America, the dresses, the dramatic going on whith civil-war, and so on.
    Your plans for next year looks so fun and interesting, good luck-whishes on your work:)!
    This page was very inspiring to see, even though I can not travel in a time-machin, I can bring a little adventure and history forward in my work.
    Thank you for sharing this:)

    Happy new year, from
    Solveig E. Hopland

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