Happy Halloween!

I used to dream of going to a Halloween masquerade in an 1860s dress. I’ve never attended a real masquerade, but I do attend a fair number of events in 1860s dresses… so that goal is half completed! I don’t actually do Halloween things anymore. I don’t really like crowds and annoying people, so I tend to stay home in order to avoid those things (not that every person out on Halloween is annoying… but so many of them are, it’s just easier to stay home). Plus, I have that added bonus of wearing historic clothes and costume-y things year round, so I don’t feel like Halloween is my one-and-only-chance to wear something I wouldn’t normally wear. Anyway, for those of you dressed up or just plain getting dressed… or those of you staying home like me…

Making moose antlers is a favorite past time of mine when the camera comes out for silly pictures!

Happy Halloween!

PS. This is one my all time favorite pictures of me! I just think it is hilarious!!!

As an extra note, I’d like to extend my thanks to Caroline, of the blog Dressed In Time, for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! When you are nominated for this award you are asked to share 7 things about yourself and also nominate 15 other blogs. You can read my responses here. Thanks again Caroline, for the nomination! I’m so pleased that you enjoy seeing my events!

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