Silly-ness with Lulu

During yet more summer adventures, I participated in a fair number of vintage dance performances with the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers. I know I’ve shared a lot of pictures of awesome vintage dance things recently, but if you can believe it, I actually left out entire performances that I haven’t shared anything about! Anyway, this performance wasn’t particularly picture worthy (ie, I didn’t take thousands of pictures…), but I did take a few. Of those, I just want to share this one with you. And I’ll explain it, because it’s kind of unusual.

Here I am, with Lulu the lamb.

Yup, I am standing with Lulu the lamb. Why? Well, apparently Lulu is a feature of the Lowell Textile Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts.  We were there for a performance during which Lulu was also there. We even got Lulu to dance with us a little bit (I can imagine it’s pretty hard to dance in a  lamb costume…)! As you can imagine, it was essential that I get a picture with Lulu. So here we are. There’s really nothing else to be said, but please, do grin and giggle with me.


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The Quintessential Clothes Pen creates historical clothing and accessories as well as modern garments.
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3 Responses to Silly-ness with Lulu

  1. You’re the best, Quinn! Now for some real news, eh?! :o) Love you. ~ Mom

  2. Christina Lueken says:

    Oh my goodness! If you ever sell that dress, let me know! Love it! Gorgeous!!

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