Newport Vintage Dance Week Part IX: You Thought The Week Was Over?

I thought so, too! I was all prepared to go to sleep on Friday night… but instead I wound up staying up until about 6am! What was I doing all night, you ask? Just hanging out and enjoying the company of my fellow TNG-ers. We spent a lot of time putting on as much bling as we could find: it was kind of like the game from my childhood “Pretty Pretty Princess.” Did you ever play that game? Basically, you have to collect certain pieces of plastic jewelry to win… We were using our many stashes of sparkly historic bling instead of plastic jewelry.

You can see the state our common room was in by this point in the week after all the sewing. Only three of us made it to 6am, when we went outside to see the sunrise… and realized it was so foggy that the whole sky looked like the window in this picture. Clearly, this was not one of the people who was still awake for that adventure…

When it was all said and done we had thousands of pictures and so many really fabulous memories and new friends. Whee! I’m so pleased to have shared the silly-ness with you. I’ve got only one more post to do about Newport…

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