Cameos For My Stash

For those of you who live near Boston, you will know that the fabric store selection in this area is pretty dismal. We do have a few small stores that have a fun selection of certain kinds of fabrics and/or great low prices on a random assortment of fabric, but we don’t have a great fabric store population. Have you heard that the new Fabric Place Basement opened at the end of last year where the old Fabric Place was, in Natick? (Spoiler: there is a coupon for 15% off of one cut of fabric on the website for the store!) When you descend the stairs it looks like a huge selection (of what I hoped to be all dress goods), but I found that about 1/3 of it is decorating fabrics (great for some things, but only rarely for historic costuming), 1/3 of it is quilting fabrics, and that leaves only 1/3 for dressmaking fabrics. They did have some great fur, and a lot of sequined things, and a huge selection of leather. They did also have silks, in a random assortment of colors and types, for between $10 and $20 a yard depending on the type. Oh, and they had some really nice wools, in a random assortment of weights and colors, but for pretty good prices, considering the quality of the fabric. The notions section was ok, but not outstanding, and the trim section just seemed a little random, with an abundance of sequined trims.

But… I did find some new pieces for my stash! The highlight is a bunch of cameo buttons. They are plastic, but I think they look pretty good (and for 25 cents a piece I really can’t complain!). It would also be possible to carefully paint the black background to change up the look… I have 2 different shapes in 5 different sizes. I envision a variety of uses for the cameos: as brooches, buttons, or to add interest to accessories.

Most of the cameos are the same frame and figure, but these two below were different. It is easiest to see the difference in the frame, and I think the little one has a man on it rather than a lady like the others.

It’s a button in disguise!

Anyway, the other thing I found (and bought…) is an ivory cotton gauze with a windowpane pattern on it. It is 118″ wide and was actually a really good price! Yay! I bought enough to make a Regency dress (at some point in the future…) as well as something else… Maybe an 18th century apron? Or an Edwardian blouse? I don’t plan to use it right away, but I am thinking of ideas. I’ll have to take a picture of it!

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