I just love historic clothes!

c.1900 Dress

Here is my first question to both of us (you, the reader, and myself!): what is this blog all about?

Clothes. Specifically, historic clothes–clothes that were worn in the past. I am most passionate about clothes in Europe and America from about 1800-1940, but really I just love clothes. Underclothes, outer clothes, outerwear, accessories, shoes… Clothes. The articles we put on our bodies to cover up and adorn ourselves.

I know there are those of you who share my love of clothes–studying clothes, conserving clothes, designing clothes, making clothes, collecting clothes, or maybe just wearing clothes! I want to find you and share my thoughts with you. I want to hear your thoughts. I want us to encourage each other in our passions (and probably bursting closets!).

I want to explore what we wore and how those articles were made, how and why we wore the clothes we did, and maybe even what we might wear in the future.

So then, why are you passionate about clothes?

4 thoughts on “I just love historic clothes!

    1. The 1950s are a fun period as well. There are so many really cute details in the cut and design of clothes during that period! It’s interesting because the 1950s actually shares some qualities with the 1860s (my favorite period): a body shape with a tiny waist created by corsetry as well as large skirts with many layers underneath to hold the shape. It’s also a challenge to construct and wear in comparison to our relatively slim and loose modern clothing.

  1. Thanks for your greetings! Vintage shops sell clothing from bygone days, such as the 1950s. Vintage in Vogue (www.vintageinvogue.com), in Orleans, Massachusetts, USA is an example of this sort of shop. Vintage in Vogue in particular is wonderful–owned and staffed by a lovely, knowledgable lady who has a great selection of vintage clothing!

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