Jewels! Jewels! Jewels!

Jewels! It seems that those of us historic costume wearing types who like evening events want to be wearing them, at least sometimes. It’s hard to find real jewels in a reasonable price range, obviously, and glass or paste ones can be hard to find in a reasonable price range, too. But…

Have you seen the beautiful jewelry that Taylor is making and selling at Dames a la Mode? She has collet necklaces, various styles of earrings, and occasionally bracelets in all sorts of fabulous colors that will match any outfit you might have in your closet. Beautiful jewels in a reasonable price range!

Reproduction collet necklace at Dames a la Mode on Etsy
Original collet necklace c. 1800 that was recently listed on ebay.

Look at how similar they are to original pieces! Here are links to my 18th century and 19th century jewelry boards on pinterest so you can see more original examples of this type of jewelry. Now you, too, can have lovely, sparkly, wonderfully beautiful jewels to wear to events.

In fact, at a recent Regency ball there were four of us wearing Taylor’s fabulous jewelry, including Taylor herself. It was my first wearing of the matching lavender collet necklace and double drop earrings that I purchased back around Thanksgiving. I received lots of compliments and really enjoyed wearing them.

Matching, but unique to each of our looks.
A close up of the jewels!

During conversation, when I mentioned that I liked the dark blue sapphire-like necklace that Taylor had in her shop at one point, she made a good point, which is that lighter colors tend to sparkle more in moderate or dim lighting. Darker colors only sparkle with bright lights, which isn’t often the sort of lighting you find at a ball or dinner or other evening event set in the late 18th or early 19th centuries. Makes me glad that I decided on lavender rather than sapphire!

More on the ball next time!

Jewelry Alert

Have you seen the Downton Abbey jewelry line at Macy’s? Some of the things are very modern (and ugly, I think), but some of them are quite charming and possibly even useful for historic costume purposes. There are necklaces, earrings, and brooches. Looks to me like the earrings and brooches are the best of the bunch for the most part. However, don’t be fooled by the pictures and do take a look at the measurements of things because the pictures make them look larger than they actually are!