Finally, A Post About Dress U

Well, sometimes I am good about sharing what I’m up to, and sometimes I experience delays. This is a severe case of the delays. All the way back in June, I attended Dress U, a costume conference along the lines of Costume College (which I have never been to, though it does look like mounds of fun). I took a few hundred pictures… but clearly haven’t found time to share them with you. I originally thought to share more detailed information about what I wore and the events that were included in the weekend, but I think I’m going to take another course, and just share a gallery of fun clothes and pictures, with captions.

Boston ladies at the Welcome Tea.
Lovely clothes. I especially love that Edwardian suit!
More cute clothes and fun accessories!
Fabulous 1920s dress.
Super cute Edwardian outfit from Jenni.
Loren’s open robe and gown are lovely and bright.
All 1840s. I missed the memo on that one.
Showing off the 1840s petticoats.
Super cute zone front from Aubry.
At the Titanic Dinner.
More Titanic Dinner.
Just one of the fabulous bustle dresses worn.
Outdoor photoshoot!
Tiaras and Jampagne.
Look at all that bling!
So lovely!
Gloria’s fabulous open robe.
Amanda’s mid-19th century gown.
Shoe shot.

5 thoughts on “Finally, A Post About Dress U

  1. Yay for Dress U! “Outdoor photoshoot” is HILARIOIUS! Can you send me a bigger version of that, if you don’t mind? I so totally need to add it to my rotating wallpapers of my laptop, because I think it will make me laugh and remember good times every time I see it, ha ha ha! Such fun. We should all do this again next year, for sure! 🙂

  2. You’re so luckiy to have an event like this – wish we’d have something similar over here 😉
    Thanks for sharing the impressions!


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