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A Floral Headband For Annabelle (Returning Heroes Ball 2014)

Not too long ago, I was again able to be part of the annual Returning Heroes Ball hosted by The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers. I decided to wear Annabelle again this year, even though I’d worn her last year, because I’d just … Continue reading

Another Annabelle Adventure (Returning Heroes Ball 2012)

Alliterative, agreed? Ok, I’m done… Honestly, the words just came–I didn’t spend long on them! Last weekend I attended the Returning Heroes Ball hosted by the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers in Holliston, MA. As usual, it was full of fun and … Continue reading

Annabelle, adorned with flowers

Over the summer I built Annabelle, a white flounced 1860 ball gown, in order to have an alternative to my dark blue 1860 ball gown. My intention was to adorn Annabelle with flowers, as in my inspiration fashion plate from … Continue reading

A Chemisette (HSM #3)

I’ve wanted a Regency chemisette to complete my daytime looks since 2012, even going so far as to purchase a specific tool with the intent on using it for a chemisette ruffle. (Unfortunately, my cast iron crinkle cutter has been a … Continue reading

1860s Flower Basket Fancy Dress

A few weekends ago now, I went to an event at The Down Town Association in New York. It was an event out of my usual ordinary line of events and so I took the opportunity to create something out of … Continue reading

Summary of 2014: Looking Forward To 2015

Ahh! It’s halfway through January and I feel rather behind on posting my 2014 summary. It seems like everyone else is so much more on the ball with that than I am this year. Well, without further ado… Completed projects … Continue reading

Summary of 2013: Looking Forward to 2014

2013 flew by. Really, it’s hard to believe it is 2014 already… As I did in 2011, and 2012, here is the year 2013 in review and a look at the upcoming year 2014. Completed projects in 2013: Whew! And … Continue reading

Project Journal: 1864 Ball Gown Part III: Innards

It’s been a little while since I posted about my new 1864 ball gown. Over a month, I think, because in February I posted about the plan/inspiration and then about the progress I made on the trim. I was steadily … Continue reading

Project Journal: 1864 Ball Gown Part I: The Plan And The Trim

It’s time. I’ve been wearing Annabelle, my flounced not-so-new-anymore white 1860 ball gown, to all Civil War events for about a year straight, with no relief on the horizon. Not that I dislike Annabelle, I just want options, and a … Continue reading

Wow! Another Blog Award!

I’m honored this month with a second blog award! Laurie from the blog Teacups Among The Fabric has nominated me for the Liebseter Blog Award. Thanks, Laurie! Here are the rules: 1. Post 11 random facts about yourself 2. Answer … Continue reading