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On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles broadcasted a radio adaptation of War of the Worlds. “In a 40 minute show, Welles and other actors from his Mercury Theater company recreated what was supposed to be an alien invasion from the planet Mars. Thousands of radio listeners thought it was true and a wave of mass hysteria seized New York. For many, that night was hell on earth, but for one man, it was heaven.”


Orson Welles broadcasting War of the Worlds in 1938.

Intrigued? This is the plot of a short film titled “10·38: A Broadcasted Dream,” a project which is currently in the funding stage.

The goal is $20,000 and the campaign is about half way funded on kickstarter, but it’s all or nothing and the funding won’t go through unless the end goal is reached in the next two weeks. And if the project is fully funded and all everything gets approved, I will be designing the costumes (and I’m hoping that includes building a few of them)!

So, throw in some old time radio (which I actually do listen to, it’s fabulous!), some historic fashions from 1938 (obviously, you know I love historic clothing), and some monsters (ok, maybe I’m not such a fan of monsters!)… and you can help support the production of a film that can transport viewers to another time and place, just as old time radio broadcasts like War of the Worlds used to do. So please, if you’re at all interested this supporting this project, consider sharing it  with others and supporting it!




About TheQuintessentialClothesPen

The Quintessential Clothes Pen creates historical clothing and accessories as well as modern garments.
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4 Responses to Support 10·38

  1. How neat! I once went to a 1938 event and the clothes from that year are definitely pretty spectacular. 🙂

  2. John Burgess says:

    Nice post, Quinn! I loved seeing the picture of Orson Welles. I hope that the project will be 100% funded!

  3. Doris McEwen Harris says:

    Hi Quinn, I hope your movie project is successful. I sent my pledge. Love you, Aunt Doris

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